Hampshire Pewter
9 Railroad Ave. Wolfeboro, NH 03894

Hampshire Pewter was founded in 1973 by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rose, to revive the craft of the  colonial pewterer – the art of casting and turning fine pewter.  The pewter alloy used by Hampshire Pewter is a modern, lead-free adaptation of the “Queen’s Metal” Pewter formula used to make British Royal Pewter.

Today the family of Harold & Kathy Guptill own and operate the company, distributing Hampshire Pewter’s fine tableware through finer jewelry, gift and department stores across North America.  Hampshire Pewter is also a prime source of diplomatic and protocol gifts for many officers of the United States Government and detailed pewter reproductions for historical societies, fraternal organizations, private collectors and museums around the country.

Hampshire Pewter is proud to manufacture high-quality products in the U.S.A.  We are the only pewter company in North America that hand-casts each piece of hollowware one at a time using our special Queen’s Metal pewter.  After casting, each piece is then machined on a lathe, often two or more pieces are soldered together to make our beautiful products. Once this process is complete each piece is then hand finished creating a truly unique final product.

Our Christmas Ornaments are world renown – made famous by our many years of making ornaments for the White House in Washington D. C. Reproductions of these special ornaments are available to the general public through Hampshire Pewter’s Catalog, Online, at our retail store located at 9 Railroad Ave in Wolfeboro, NH and at authorized dealers. Our ornaments are hand cast and hand finished with beautiful details. Nearly 100% of our ornaments are finely detailed on both side.

Hampshire Pewter also offers complete engraving services including custom logos and graphics.


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